More Than 500 Vessels Now Coated With Jotun Seaconomy

more than 500 vessels now
coated with jotun seaconomy

The 273,117-dwt VLCC World Champion owned by World-Wide Shipping of Hong Kong recently became the 500th ship to be coated by Jotun's Seaconomy, a low-cost, selfpolishing antifouling said to give a drydocking interval of 30 months.

The range of antifoulings available from the worldwide network of Jotun Marine Coatings, headquartered in Sandefjord, Norway, incorporates the latest developments in selfpolishing, organotin copolymer technology. Seaconomy, the most recently introduced product that went on the market only 18 months ago, was specially developed to replace the long-life antifoulings at no extra cost. In addition, the company's Seamate HB gives optimum antifouling protection, while Seaflex was formulated for upgrading of existing conventional long-life antifoulings. Providing a linear rate of biocide release, the low-cost Seaconomy is said to offer better antifouling performance than a long-life treatment.

In addition, its selfpolishing action insures that there is no increase in hull roughness while in service.

Seaconomy can often be used without shotblasting, needs no sealing coat, and normally can be applied in a single coat for drydocking intervals of 24 months, depending on the condition of the hull. According to Jotun, no really effective, conventionally acting, long-life antifouling system is available for such infrequent maintenance. The selective protective treatment on the World Champion comprised two coats of Jotun Vinylguard Silvergrey modified vinyl primer, followed by a single coat of Seaconomy. This enabled the owner to follow a very tight drydocking schedule and obtain the benefits of a selfpolishing antifouling.

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