Subsea7: Staying Connected with CapRock

Subsea7 travels to some of the world's most remote marine locations to provide construction, diving, pipelay and remotely operated vehicle (ROV)/survey services. Because it operates vessels throughout the world, it is essential for Subsea7 to provide a reliable means for customers and vessel crews to transmit and receive voice and data. But providing communications is outside of Subsea7's core competency and the company had been using the same VSAT systems for several years. In 2002, Subsea7 recognized that its limited VSAT communications systems were due for replacement, and the company saw an opportunity to upgrade to systems. Reliability topped the list of the qualities Subsea7 was looking for in a provider. "Working from a ship for any length of time is considerably more efficient with reliable broadband communications to the outside world," said Subsea7 Global IT Manager Anders From. "We chose CapRock Communications based on their track record of reliability and their ability to demonstrate significant savings. They gave us a system with unparalleled quality, creating value for our customers and employees who can easily work from any vessel in the Subsea7 fleet with communications tailored to their project needs." CapRock is the single source provider of both dedicated and Bandwidthon- Demand connectivity to enable flexible ship-to-ship and ship-to-shore communications for customers and crew aboard Subsea7 ships around the world. CapRock's flexible network allows voice and high-speed data connections to be provisioned on an as-needed basis from CapRock's network operating center (NOC) in Scotland. "Ensuring that the products and services were of a high standard was extremely important," said Subsea7 Project Manager John Morrison. "But, beyond that, we were interested in contracting with a company with whom we could establish a strong relationship."

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