Bailey Controls Unveils Multi-Function Controller

—Literature Available One of the latest enhancements to the NETWORK 90® process control system, the newly developed Multi- Function Controller 03 (MFC03) by Bailey Controls is a sequential and batch process controller designed to handle multiple control loops and support redundancy.

The MFC03 can be used in a wide range of applications for sequential, batch, PlD, and programmable logic control. Future applications include communication with foreign devices requiring custom software. The unit functions through I/O slaves, communicating with them via a highspeed parallel bus, and has the unique ability to do batch and/or sequential control simultaneously. It is said to be a "one of a kind" device, based on the advanced Motorola 32-bit 68020 microprocessor featuring large 80K byte, batterybacked memory space that brings the power of a mini-computer to this process controller.

A library of advanced control algorithms called function codes are programmed into the MFC03's ROM. Control schemes consist of associating selected function codes with user-defined block numbers. The unit executes all of the blocks on a selectable cycle basis, thus performing the configured control.

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