Argo International And Sealol Join Forces

John Calicchio, chief executive officer of Argo International Corp., has announced that Argo Marine has been named national distributor for Sealol (formerly Chempro) mechanical seals and mechanical packings. Argo will stock these products in their nationwide distribution and warehouse network.

As the authorized distributor for Sealol, Inc., Argo inventories an extensive selection, ranging from the simplest mechanical seals and packings to the most sophisticated. These products have a broad range of marine and industrial applications, ranging from process and pollution control to compressors and pumps. Sealol is well-known for its work during the 1950s in pioneering the design and development of welded metal bellows seals. The first bellows seals were used to seal high temperature oils (500 degrees F and above) in the then emerging jet engines. Since then, bellows seals have found their way into a wide range of applications, including pumps, compressors, agitators, mixers, and in virtually any device where a rotating shaft must be securely sealed.

The Argo/Sealol team provides their customers with an important double advantage: (1) Precisionengineered mechanical seals and packings, readily available for immediate off-the-shelf delivery, and (2) Technical expertise for providing specialized sealing solutions. To help customers minimize costly downtime of vital equipment, Argo has ensured fast delivery by integrating Sealol products into its nationwide distribution network. Orders received at a distant Argo facility will be shipped from the Argo warehouse closest to its destination point. Argo is headquartered at 140 Franklin Street, New York, N.Y. 10013. Information on Sealol mechanical seals and mechanical packings can be obtained by writing to Argo headquarters.

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